Consider these projects as you either (1) register to participate in the Prayer Journey as a fundraising participant or (2) donate towards a specific project

Fundraisers will receive Prayer Journey merch if they raise $250+!

*total cannot include donations made towards your own fundraising goal

Special Projects

Global Relief Fund | $15,000

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This year, we are raising funds to be available to MoveIners around the world to support their neighbours in times of crisis. Additionally, we are happy to again raise funds for the Tender Heart Foundation and their amazing work among urban poor women and children in Goa, India. We are also grateful for the opportunity to again support Starfish Asia, and help complete the building of a school for poor children in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. 


Support for Amazing Staff | $25,000

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As MoveIn grows and takes root in new regions, the MoveIn Vision Team is working to spread the vision. The staff team is essential for the growth and sustainability of the movement! Our staff raise their own financial support in order to do this important work. Prayer Journey participants have the opportunity to "sponsor" a staff member and raise funds to give them a boost in their support raising efforts.

Nigel & Jessie's Fundraising

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MoveIn's Director Nigel is excited to again raise funds to help see our staff team grow and expand to mobilize and support many more young people to “move in.”

Staff-Led Projects

MoveIner Care Fund | $5,000

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MoveIners are givers. They have moved into their neighbourhoods because they want to pray and make disciples. Along with the joys of relationships with neighbours and teammates, there will always be costs emotionally and spiritually. The MoveIner Resource Team seeks to encourage current MoveIners so they can thrive in their neighbourhoods. Help us continue to support our almost 400 MoveIners as they love their neighbours.

Project Leader: Martha

MoveIn Europe Development | $40,000

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With so many unreached people living in Europe, we desire to mobilize new teams across the continent. An integral part of supporting current teams and mobilizing new teams is the annual MoveIn Europe Gathering (in Albania this year). Funding for this project will go towards directing the MoveIn Europe Gathering and for staff and MoveIners to attend in person. Additional funding will also go towards mobilization projects in Europe, including vision trips, hosting retreats, and supporting our growing staff and volunteer team!

Project Leaders: Kristen, Jemcah & Valera

Latin America Mobilization & Development | $13,000

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Over the last 5 years, momentum in Latin America has been growing. We’ve seen 10 teams across 7 countries be planted. We hope to mobilize more believers to join these teams. Funding for this project will go towards travel to conference, MoveIner training, MoveIner care resources, visiting teams, and hosting movement-wide retreats.

Project Leader: Josue

MoveIn Philippines Development | $20,000

Team Fundraising Page

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In the past year we have learned some valuable lessons and built new momentum as more and more Christians get interested in serving and living among the unreached urban poor. One of our milestones was developing and piloting a MoveIn training course — we see this as a chance for churches, small groups, and students to go deeper and have their hearts changed and their minds equipped for incarnational ministry. We are raising more money to increase our efficiency and grow the staff team more so we can be effective in mobilizing the church to love and pray for the unreached urban poor.

Project Leader: Ryan

Mobilization Resources | $4,500

Team Fundraising Page

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It has been a great season of mobilizing for MoveIn! This past year we connected with potential MoveIners at Urbana, Serve Vancouver, Missionfest Manitoba, Outpour and other great mission events. More people recognize and value the vision of MoveIn and we’re excited to walk with them moving forward. This year we want to build on this momentum by attending more of these events, refining our discipleship processes with potential MoveIners, and using social media to continue sharing our vision with a wider audience.

Project Leader: Shane

Vision Team Care Fund | $6,000

Team Fundraising Page

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Our MoveIn staff team (the Vision Team) works hard to support the vision of MoveIn and our MoveIners. As a non-profit, it is more challenging to offer benefits packages and other supports to our staff. When our staff are thriving, they can do their best work in propelling the movement forward. This fund will help support the health and wellbeing of our staff through relief support and a health spending account.

Project Leader: Chelsea